The Managing Board organizes and manages the activities of the Association in the period between the meetings of the General Assembly and for this purpose:

  1. it helps the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly;
  2. it disposes of the movable property of the Association;
  3. defines the conditions for and the amount of the additional membership fee;
  4. approves the annual activity report of the Association, the annual financial report and the project of the budget and proposes them for adoption by the General Assembly;
  5. accepts the Structure of the Association, the Internal Regulations for its structure and operation and the Internal regulations for the structure and operation of the Committees;
  6. decides on the number and the names of the committees and defines by name the Methodical person in charge for each committee among its members. A member of the Managing Board can be Methodical person in charge of more than one committee;
  7. it decides on the opening of branches and nominates their manager;
  8. it prepares and adopts projects of the internal acts of the Association;
  9. it selects among its members a Vice President of the Managing Board;
  10. it authorises the President, the Vice President or another member of the Managing Board to perform a specific activity;
  1. it delegates rights to its members to express the official position of APAC on the basis of the decisions adopted by means of a vote. None of the members of the Managing Board has no right to oblige the Association with declarations, for which no official position of the collective bodies is adopted;
  2. it elects and nominates the Secretary General and approves the staff schedule;
  3. it determines the order and the organization of the activities in the Association;
  4. it determines the address of the Association;
  5. it prepares and puts forward to the General Assembly an activity report of the Association;
  6. in case of authorisation by the General Assembly it points out a liquidator of the Association;
  7. it admits and expels members;
  8. it judges in disputes between branches of the Association;
  9. it decides on the participation in other organizations;
  10. it adopts the main directions and the general activity program of the Association.

10 reasons to become a member of the AAAC

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More information
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