Interaction for successful results

We trust our members and we are connected with them.

We are going to develop together a professional organization in the field of accounting and financial services, which will be complying with uniform ethical principles and norms, with professional ethics, which will observe and support the development of the national accountancy, financial and fiscal legislation.

We are going to will support and develop the skills of our members to work on the basis of approved international practices and will popularize these skills.

We are going to cooperate in the design of effective management, organizational and specialized procedures in the sector in which we are working.

We are going to use these skills to help our members in specifying their actual needs, goals and intentions of future development.

10 reasons to become a member of the AAAC

Better image
Better qualification
More information
More business
More pleasure in business
More cooperation opportunities
Easier access to the best know-how
More advantageous offers
More friends
More opportunities for protection