Diacron Consultants Ltd. - Sofia

VAT: 200794858
Diacron Consultants Ltd.
Contact person: Petya Zheleva – Manager
Address: 1618 Sofia, 165 A Tsar Boris III blv., Floor 4, offis.11
Phone: +359 2 955 55 10
Fax: +359 2 955 55 11
Website: www.diacrongroup.com


Company specializations:
Diacron Group offers to its clients corporative, tax and accounting services. For the last twenty years Diacron’s customers have put their trust in the experience of our consultants who are ready to fully meet all the requirements of the client. The staff stationed at our Sofia office consists of Italian and Bulgarian citizens whose control of both languages is perfectly fluent.

Diacron offers its assistance to Italian companies working in Bulgaria in the fields of company registration, company address, VAT forms, corporate accounting services, drawing up of annual financial statements, tax returns, as well as employment and benefits reporting

Accounting services
Diacron offers its clients consultancy services both at international, as well as national level – related to tax cases and specific queries regarding the financial legislation with the aim of solving various cases, related to the compliance with the national tax laws and double taxation treaties. Diacron carries out bookkeeping services, preparation of annual financial statements, tax returns and employment and
benefits reporting, as per the requirements of the national and international accounting standards.

Registration of companies
Diacron studies and proposes the most suitable structure for carrying out activities of a particular client in Bulgaria, analyzes all fiscal aspects according to the domestic and international regulations and proposes various solutions aiming at maximizing the client’s activity. Along with well-known legal firms it performs the registration procedure for legal entities in the country.

Business address
Diacron leases its office areas to the clients who do not possess own offices, to be used as headquarters and/ or administrative address.

Working languages – Bulgarian,Italian

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